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Deep and corrective massage costs in 2022 | Oneflare (1)

US$ 55 - US$ 110

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Expenses with hiring a massage therapist

With different types of massage varying in techniques such as shiatsu, hot stones, deep tissue or aromatherapy, it makes sense that the price varies greatly. Each type of massage solves a different problem – whether it's relieving stress or helping to rehabilitate damaged muscles. An experienced massage therapist should listen to your needs and determine the best way to solve your problem. Region will also have a significant impact on costs, as more urban areas tend to increase prices due to operating costs. The average price of a massage in Australia is estimated to be betweenUS$ 55 a US$ 100session pr.

Set a budget for your massage therapy

Relaxation – $ 55 – $ 105reported average costs
This massage is designed to calm you down and relieve tension. It usually consists of flowing movements, kneading the muscles, and a gentle touch performed at the chosen pressure. Relatively, it's a painless way to clear your mind and relax your body. Benefits of relaxation massage include temporarily lowering blood pressure.

Remedy -US$ 60 - US$ 105reported average costs
This type of massage aims to treat pre-existing injuries or tensions. These massages can be similar to relaxation, but a remedial massage is more focused on relieving pain in a specific muscle region. Your massage therapist should assess your muscles to determine where the problem or pain is coming from and act to relieve the pain accordingly. Remedial massages may involve some deep tissue techniques to effectively relieve stress.

Deep and corrective massage costs in 2022 | Oneflare (2)

An example of corrective massage technique. | Source:Wade the massage guy

Sports Massage –US$ 60 - US$ 110reported average costs
Sports massage targets specific ailments in athletes. It is used to prevent or treat sports-related injuries, as well as to keep the athlete's body in optimal shape and condition. Sports massage services come in three basic forms; pre-event massage, post-event massage and maintenance massage

Deep Massage –US$ 60 - US$ 110reported average costs
This type of massage uses intense pressure to affect the fascia and connective tissue. It is designed to relieve muscle tension and soreness, and other benefits include recovery from injury and improved posture. Tissue massage can be painful, but the short-term pain is far outweighed by the long-term benefits to your well-being and overall health.

Other factors that affect the cost of your work

When booking a massage, along with the type of massage you require, there are a number of factors that will affect the price. The most important factors are how close you are to the massage therapist, how long you want to be treated, the frequency of treatments and whether you need additional treatments.

Depending on whether the massage therapist you hire has her own space, works in a spa or studio, or works mobile will affect the price. Spas and studios can provide a host of additional services, but they will also face overhead costs, which add to the price. Massages offered in your own home may incur a travel fee depending on how close your home is to the massage therapist's business.

The duration of the massage is a key factor in determining the price of the job. Typically, massage sessions last 60 minutes, with longer sessions that treat multiple areas lasting 90 minutes. Whether the company charges by the hour or as a one-time fee can also affect the quoted price.

If you wish to make regular appointments with a massage therapist, this will affect the price. You'll end up paying more than once, but you may find that the price for each session drops to prices guaranteed by a longer contract.

Depending on the treatment required, you may need to seek out a specialist massage therapist. This specialization often requires an additional level of training and, in some cases, certification on behalf of the massage therapist. Remedial massage, acupressure or reflexology require a greater degree of expertise and in turn will incur a higher cost. Make sure you know what you're looking for in your massage therapist to ensure you don't end up paying more for something you don't need.

Additional treatments
Some massage therapists offer add-ons along with the massage treatment. Hot stone treatments, acupuncture and ear candles are common and will incur an additional cost if used.

Does the price vary by location?

Massage prices can change depending on the type of massage you want to receive, the length of the massage, or if you are looking for a mobile service house. Below are quotes Oneflare customers have received, from full body massages to organizing a massage party for an event:

state/territoryMedium cheese reported
Australia's Capital TerritoryUS$ 120
new south walesUS$ 70 - US$ 300
QueenslandUS$ 40 - US$ 100
south australiaUS$ 85
VictoryUS$ 40 - US$ 300
western australiaUS$ 65 - US$ 95

How to Hire a Massage Therapist

Professional massage therapists undertake training and education to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality service. Hiring a qualified massage therapist can be an advantage in the company that determines your specific needs and tailors your service to resolve any complications.

What is their specialty?
Hire a company that specifies which area they primarily perform massages on. For example, one massage company might specialize in sports massage or reflexology, and another might specialize in aromatherapy, hot stone massage, Thai or Swedish massage. These types differ greatly and it's rare that you find a massage therapist who can do it all.

placement arrangements
Most of the time, you will have to go into the massage business to receive the service. However, depending on the company, they may come to you if you prefer. If you have to go to them, make sure they are within the desired distance and, alternatively, if you want to have your massage in the comfort of your home, make sure that the company allows home visits.

Previous customer reviews
Reading past customer reviews will give you the ability to effectively indicate whether they are competent and qualified employees who are able to get the job done smoothly and brilliantly.

* Cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

Common questions

What is a Swedish massage?

Swedish massage techniques are gentle and use long strokes on the muscles to promote tension relief and relaxation. Swedish massage is very common and sometimes called classic spa massage.

What is a Thai Massage?

Thai massage is performed on the floor instead of the massage table, no oils, and the client is clothed. This type of massage involves muscle compression and stretching techniques rather than friction movements.

What is Lomi Lomi massage?

The Lomi Lomi massage is an ancient form of Hawaiian massage. The technique involves long, continuous strokes across the body, encouraging the participant to relax deeply while releasing muscle tension.

Genuine Oneflare Customer Offer

Massage Lauries

Adelaide, SA


relaxation and stress

focus area

Arms, hands, head and neck


Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

US$ 85including taxes

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Scotts massage

Costa do Sol, QLD

massage type

corrective massage

focus area

Whole body

type service

mobile massage

US$ 85including taxes

Quoted byBMS Fitness (mobile corrective massage)

Jannette's massage job

Costa Central de Sydney, NSW

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relaxation massage

focus area

To go back

Past relationships or issues

Had multiple spinal fusions

70 dollarsincluding taxes

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