New movies coming out in 2022 and beyond (2023)

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What's coming out next year? New Movies Coming in 2023 from Marvel, Netflix, DC, and More Release dates in late 2022 Avatar: The Way of Water (December 16, 2022) Glasløg: A Mystery Between Knives(December 23, 2022) I want to dance with someone (December 23, 2022) Babylon (December 23, 2022) 2023 release dates M3GAN (January 6, 2023) The Old Way (January 6, 2023) The Pale Blue Eye (6 de janeiro de 2023) True Haunting (January 6, 2023) Operation Fortune: Cunning War (January 12, 2023) House Party (January 13, 2023) Plane (January 13, 2023) Missing (January 20, 2023) When you're done saving the world (January 20, 2023) In humans (January 27, 2023) Removed (January 27, 2023) Shotgun wedding (January 27, 2023) Hit the Booth (February 3, 2023) 80 for Brady (February 3, 2023) Magic Mike's Last Dance (February 10, 2023) Murder Mystery 2 (February 10, 2023) Sharper (Feb 10, 2023) At Your House or Mine (February 10, 2023) Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey (15 de fevereiro de 2023) Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (February 17, 2023) Cocaine Bear (February 24, 2023) Credo III (March 3, 2023) Scream Sequel (March 10, 2023) 65 (March 10, 2023) Shazam: Rage of Gods (March 17, 2023) John Wick: Chapter 4 (March 24, 2023) A good person (March 24, 2023) Champions (March 24, 2023) Dungeons & Dragons (March 31, 2023) Lionheart (March 31, 2023) Spinning Gold (March 31, 2023) One Thousand and One (March 31, 2023) The movie Super Mario Bros. (April 7, 2023) Knight (April 7, 2023) On a Wing and a Prayer (April 7, 2023) The Pope's Exorcist (April 7, 2023) Renfield (April 14, 2023) Next goal wins (April 21, 2023) Evil Dead Rise (April 21, 2023) Are you there God? It's me Margaret (April 28, 2023) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (May 5, 2023) Fixed X (May 19, 2023) The Little Mermaid (May 19, 2023) Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (June 2, 2023) Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (9 de junho de 2023) Stray (June 9, 2023) The Flash (June 16, 2023) Elementary (June 16, 2023) No hard feelings (June 16, 2023) The Blackening (June 16, 2023) Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (June 30, 2023) Harold and the Purple Crayon (30 de junho de 2023) Insidious: Fear the Dark (July 7, 2023) Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (July 14, 2023) Oppenheimer (July 21, 2023) Barbie (July 21, 2023) The Wonders (July 28, 2023) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (4 de agosto de 2023) Meg 2: The Trench (August 4, 2023) Haunted Mansion (August 11, 2023) Demeter's Last Voyage (August 11, 2023) Gran Turismo (11. August 2023) Defiant (August 11, 2023) Blue Beetle (August 18, 2023) Uden titel Please Don't Destroy-film (August 18, 2023) The Equalizer 3 (September 1, 2023) The Nun 2 (September 8, 2023) A Haunting in Venedig (September 15, 2023) The Expendables 4 (September 22, 2023) Kraven the Hunter (October 6, 2023) True Love (October 6, 2023) The Exorcist (October 13, 2023) Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie (13 de outubro de 2023) The Underdoggs (October 20, 2023) Saw X (20. outubro 2023) Klit part 2 (November 3, 2023) The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (17 de novembro de 2023) Trolls 3 (November 17, 2023) Wish (November 22, 2023) Wonka (December 15, 2023) The Color Purple (December 20, 2023) Untitled Ghostbusters Afterlife sequel (December 20, 2023) Migration (December 22, 2023) Aquaman and the Lost Empire (December 25, 2023) Dream Magazine (Sundance) Missing (Sundance) Sometimes I think about dying (Sundance) Theater Camp (Sundance) Katteperson (Sundance) Cassandro (Sundance) Judy Blume para sempre (Sundance) Jamojaya (Sundance) Landscape with an Invisible Hand (Sundance) Murder at the Big Horn (Sundance) Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields (Sundance) The Pod Generation (Sundance) Still: A Film by Michael J. Fox (Sundance) You Hurt My Feelings (Sundance) Young. Wild. For free. (Sundance) Aliens kidnapped my parents and now I feel a little left out (Sundance) The Incredible Maurice (Sundance) Birth/Rebirth (Sundance) Infinity pool (Sundance) King Coal (Sundance) Kokomo City (Sundance) My Animal (Sundance) Run the Rabbit Race (Sundance) Polite Society (Sundance) Onyx, the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls (Sundance) Squaring the Circle: The Story of Hypgnosis (Sundance) Talk to Me (Sundance) The Accidental Getaway Driver (Sundance) Fancy Dance (Sundance) Mutt (Sundance) 2024 onwards Madame Web (February 16, 2024) Captain America: New World Order (May 3, 2024) Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (May 24, 2024) Thunderbolts (July 26, 2024) Blade (September 6, 2024) Deadpool 3 (November 8, 2024) Avatar sequel (2024) Fantastic Four (February 14, 2025) Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (May 2, 2025) Movies Star Wars (2025) Avengers: Secret Wars (May 1, 2026) Avatar Sequel (2026) Movies Star Wars (2027) Avatar sequel (2028) FAQs Videos

In 2023, blockbusters will be everywhere. The latest blockbuster sequels and franchises are dominating the box office, but streaming services are challenging the big screen with big stars and directors releasing new movies on Netflix, Apple TV, Disney Plus and more. From Indiana Jones and John Wick to the Expendables and the Fast and the Furious crew, will any of these myriad sequels match the mega-hit?Top Gun: Maverickin 2022, or will we see another word-of-mouth hit like Everything Everywhere All at Once?

These are the latest dates for your calendar as we celebrate the big movies (and hopefully some smaller ones) hitting the big screen andstreaming servicesin 2023 and beyond. Scroll down for a chronological list of release dates.

What's coming out next year?

The Saw and Fast & Furious series have reached their 10th entry, while Tom Cruise will repeat his Top Gun: Maverick mega-hit with Mission: Impossible #7. Creed and Kenneth Branagh's version of Hercule Poirot. Even Magic Mike makes one last run. And Harrison Ford may be in his 80s, but that won't stop the fifth Indiana Jones adventure from hitting theaters.

We've lost count of how many Transformers movies there are, but there's a new one coming in 2023. We're also returning to the world of The Hunger Games and Willy Wonka with new prequels. It's also another big year for horror: The Conjuring and Supernatural franchises continue to roll in, while horror icons The Exorcist and The Evil Dead make a resurgence.

Speaking of sequels and franchises, there are of course plenty of superhero movies. Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp kicks off the MCU, with the Guardians of the Galaxy in action for the third and possibly last time before the newer heroes move from Disney Plus to the team-up adventure The Marvels. Outside of the MCU, the long-awaited Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse also drops, and we'll see another Venom-style Spider spinoff, Kraven the Hunter. Meanwhile, comic book rivals DC are bringing back Aquaman and The Flash and also introducing a new face, the Blue Beetle.

It's not just comics being plundered for the big screen: this year's toy and game adaptations include Dungeons and Dragons, Super Mario Bros. and Gran Turismo. Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the new Wish cartoon and a live-action reboot of The Little Mermaid, not to mention the Pixar movie Elemental and more.

At least some of this year's sequels and blockbusters are helmed by directors we're eager to see more of, like Nia DaCosta, Steven Soderbergh, Neil Blomkamp, ​​and Paul King of Paddington. Indie horror icon Ben Wheatley directs Jason Statham slaying a mega shark in The Meg 2, while Greta Gerwig's Barbie and Denis Villeneuve's Dune Part 2 have viewers buzzing.

Speaking of cool filmmakers, we'll also see original films from Christopher Nolan, M. Night Shyamalan, Taika Waititi, Nicole Holofcener, Kenya Barris, Luca Guadagnino, Adele Lim, and Calmatic. And, as always, the January Sundance Film Festival showcases talented and up-and-coming independent filmmakers telling unique and unexpected stories.

But delays still happen:Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, whatmario movie,Aquaman 2,this is madameand The Flash changed everyone in the lineup. Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible 7e8 has been delayed several times, whileDelays for Blade Changed Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It's been hard to keep up with all the changes, but we've let you know about the latest US release dates for late 2022 and 2023. If those dates are still in flux, we'll let you know the latest changes as we keep track as new dates are announced. And don't forget to check out our guide to2023 TV Shows.

New Movies Coming in 2023 from Marvel, Netflix, DC, and More

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Release dates in late 2022

Avatar: The Way of Water (December 16, 2022)

Avatar and Star Wars will alternate every Christmas for years to come. James Cameron's Avatar 2 will be released in 2022, Avatar 3 in 2024, Avatar 4 in 2026 and Avatar 5 in 2028.

Glasløg: A Mystery Between Knives(December 23, 2022)

In the sequel to Rian Johnson's Knives Out, Detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece to unravel the layers of a new murder mystery. It was in theaters for a week over Thanksgiving and will be streaming in December after Netflix paid big for the rights to this star-studded novel. Daniel Craig is joined by Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Kate Hudson, Jessica Henwick and Madelyn Cline.

I want to dance with someone (December 23, 2022)

Naomi Ackie takes the mic in this Whitney Houston biopic directed by Kasi Lemmons.

Babylon (December 23, 2022)

Damien Chazelle is heading into Hollywood's golden age with Brad Pitt and with Margot Robbie as real star Clara Bow.

2023 release dates

M3GAN (January 6, 2023)

A robot puppet causes trouble in this A24 horror movie.

The Old Way (January 6, 2023)

Nicolas Cage is an aging gunslinger in this western.

The Pale Blue Eye (6 de janeiro de 2023)

Scott Cooper directs a Netflix gothic thriller revolving around a series of murders in the 1830s at the United States Military Academy at West Point, following a young cadet the world would come to know as Edgar Allan Poe, played by Harry Melling. Christian Bale plays a retired detective tasked with investigating the murders.

True Haunting (January 6, 2023)

Stranger Things' Vecna ​​(aka Jamie Campbell Bower) is back in spooky territory in this true story of the first televised exorcism.

Operation Fortune: Cunning War (January 12, 2023)

Guy Ritchie directs Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza and Hugh Grant in a tongue-in-cheek spy battle.

House Party (January 13, 2023)

Music video director Calmatic (he shot the music video for Old Town Road) reboots the '90s comedy with an all-star cast including LeBron James, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Lena Waithe and original stars Kid 'n Play.

Plane (January 13, 2023)

It's all action with Gerard Butler and Mike Colter as a downed pilot and a convict in enemy territory.

Missing (January 20, 2023)

Storm Reid and Nia Long star in a sequel to the 2018 mystery thrillerLooking for, starring John Cho and told through laptops and phone screens.

When you're done saving the world (January 20, 2023)

Julianne Moore marvels at her son Finn Wolfhard's viral songwriting fame in Jesse Eisenberg's directorial debut.

In humans (January 27, 2023)

Kenya Barris and Jonah Hill are co-writing a comedy with Hill starring Eddie Murphy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mike Epps, Nia Long, Deon Cole, Rhea Perlman and David Duchovny.

Removed (January 27, 2023)

An asteroid miner crash-lands on an alien planet and must rescue another crew member before they run out of oxygen. Anthony Ramos, Naomi Scott and Zachary Quinto star.

Shotgun wedding (January 27, 2023)

Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel must fight when their destination wedding is attacked. Sonia Braga, Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz and Cheech Marin star.

(Video) Pirates of the Caribbean 6 - Teaser Trailer "Beyond the Horizon" Johnny Depp Movie

Hit the Booth (February 3, 2023)

Dave Bautista and Jonathan Groff clash when a family is taken hostage in M. Night Shyamalan's thriller.

80 for Brady (February 3, 2023)

Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Sally Field, Billy Porter and Guy Fieri seek out football star Tom Brady in this comedy.

Magic Mike's Last Dance (February 10, 2023)

A sizzling Channing Tatum is joined by Salma Hayek as the Magic Mike show heads to London.

Murder Mystery 2 (February 10, 2023)

More fun for Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston on Netflix.

Sharper (Feb 10, 2023)

A24 produces this story of con artists defrauding Manhattan billionaires, airing on Apple TV Plus on February 17th.

At Your House or Mine (February 10, 2023)

Netflix romcom com Reese Witherspoon e Ashton Kutcher.

Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey (15 de fevereiro de 2023)

The famous bear gets ugly in this low-budget shocker.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (February 17, 2023)

Marvel heroes Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly shrink for Ant-Man 3.

Cocaine Bear (February 24, 2023)

The title says it all: the true story of a bear who ate a bag full of cocaine in 1985. Elizabeth Banks directs Keri Russell, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Alden Ehrenreich, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Brooklynn Prince, Isiah Whitlock Jr. , Kristofer Hivju, Hannah Hoekstra, Margo Martindale and Ray Liotta.

Credo III (March 3, 2023)

Not only is Michael B. Jordan getting back in the ring, he's driving it, too.

Scream Sequel (March 10, 2023)

The aging slasher sequence is cut again.

65 (March 10, 2023)

Adam Driver is an astronaut who crash landed in a thriller directed by the writers of A Quiet Place.

Shazam: Rage of Gods (March 17, 2023)

Zachary Levi dons the mantle again as the superhero Shazam in this DC sequel.

John Wick: Chapter 4 (March 24, 2023)

After Matrix Resurrections, Keanu's other action franchise also returns for a fourth outing.

A good person (March 24, 2023)

Zach Braff's instructors are Florence Pugh, Celeste O'Connor, Zoe Lister-Jones, Molly Shannon and Morgan Freeman.

Champions (March 24, 2023)

Bobby Farrelly directs Woody Harrelson, Cheech Marin and Kaitlin Olson in what is undoubtedly a sensitively handled story about a former minor league basketball coach tasked with guiding a team of players with intellectual disabilities.

Dungeons & Dragons (March 31, 2023)

Bridgerton's Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez and Regé-Jean Page roll the dice for a new cinematic version of the iconic RPG.

Lionheart (March 31, 2023)

Biography of boxer George Foreman.

Spinning Gold (March 31, 2023)

Musical biography of svengali Neil Bogart of Casablanca Records, starring Wiz Khalifa as George Clinton, Ledisi as Gladys Knight, Tayla Parx as Donna Summer and Jason Derulo as Ron Isley.

One Thousand and One (March 31, 2023)

Award-winning short film director A.V. Rockwell makes his feature film debut in this hard-hitting drama about a mother who kidnaps her child from the foster care system.

The movie Super Mario Bros. (April 7, 2023)

Chris Pratt is the voice of the Nintendo legendin this Mario movie.

Knight (April 7, 2023)

Atlanta-based author Stefani Robinson pens this period biography of French-Caribbean musician Chevalier de Saint-Georges, "the black Mozart."

On a Wing and a Prayer (April 7, 2023)

Dennis Quaid stars in the true story of a passenger who has to land a plane after the pilot dies in flight.

The Pope's Exorcist (April 7, 2023)

Russell Crowe stars as a real-life exorcist.

Renfield (April 14, 2023)

Nicolas Cage plays Dracula (finally!) as the horror story unfolds from his assistant's point of view.

Next goal wins (April 21, 2023)

Taika Waititi directs this true story of a soccer coach trying to take American Samoa to the World Cup.

(Video) THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE 🎬 Exclusive Full Sci-Fi Movie Premiere 🎬 English HD 2022

Evil Dead Rise (April 21, 2023)

Horror reboot/sequel thing.

Are you there God? It's me Margaret (April 28, 2023)

Judy Blume's beloved 1970 novel hits the big screen.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (May 5, 2023)

James Gunn reunites the band for a third Marvel adventure with Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista and friends.

Fixed X (May 19, 2023)

The Fast & Furious franchise is adding Jason Momoa and Brie Larson in its tenth and penultimate entry.

The Little Mermaid (May 19, 2023)

Halle Bailey is making waves as Ariel in another Disney live-action reboot.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (June 2, 2023)

The animated spider action continues as Miles Morales embarks on Part 1 of a two-part adventure.

New movies coming out in 2022 and beyond (5)

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (9 de junho de 2023)

Yes, another.

Stray (June 9, 2023)

Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx voice a pair of cartoon dogs.

The Flash (June 16, 2023)

Ezra Miller is the speedy superhero Flash in DC's multiversal adventure that brings backBatman de Michael Keaton.

Elementary (June 16, 2023)

Pixar takes us to a city where the elements - fire, water, earth and air - live side by side.

No hard feelings (June 16, 2023)

Bad Teacher and The Office writer Gene Stupnitsky directs Jennifer Lawrence as a woman who responds to a Craigslist ad that a mother is looking to get her son a date.

The Blackening (June 16, 2023)

Opening this weekend in June, this horror comedy sees a confused slasher face off against an all-black group and not sure who to kill first.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (June 30, 2023)

The Man in the Hat is back as Harrison Ford blasts his way into the '80s.

New movies coming out in 2022 and beyond (6)

Harold and the Purple Crayon (30 de junho de 2023)

Big screen version of the 1955 children's book by Crockett Johnson, starring Zachary Levi and Zooey Deschanel.

Insidious: Fear the Dark (July 7, 2023)

Yes, another.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (July 14, 2023)

Tom Cruise follows up the mega-hit Top Gun: Maverick with this spy-thriller sequel. Mission: Impossible 7 has been postponed multiple times, and each time it moves, it also postpones the next Mission: Impossible 8.

Oppenheimer (July 21, 2023)

Biography of the time when Christopher Nolan directs Cillian Murphy as the father of the atomic bomb.

Barbie (July 21, 2023)

Margot Robbie climbs into her dream car as the live-action version of toy model Barbie. Ryan Gosling, Kate McKinnon, Alexandra Shipp, America Ferrera, Simu Liu, Hari Nef and Will Ferrell star in a film directed by Greta Gerwig, who also co-wrote with Noah Baumbach.

The Wonders (July 28, 2023)

Captain Marvel 2 reunites Brie Larson's cosmic crusade with new small-screen pals, Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau from WandaVision.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (4 de agosto de 2023)

Seth Rogen is producing an animated film featuring the heroes in the half shell.

Meg 2: The Trench (August 4, 2023)

Jason Statham beats a megashark again. Interestingly, horror director Ben Wheatley is at the helm.

Haunted Mansion (August 11, 2023)

Rosario Dawson, LaKeith Stanfield, Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, Winona Ryder, Dan Levy, Jared Leto, Danny DeVito and Jamie Lee Curtis move into the spooky Disney theme park attraction.

Demeter's Last Voyage (August 11, 2023)

A ship is haunted by a dark presence in this Dracula-inspired cooler.

Gran Turismo (11. August 2023)

A teenage Gran Turismo gamer moves from video game competition to become a real racing driver.

Defiant (August 11, 2023)

Luca Guadagnino is directing a tennis romantic comedy starring Zendaya with West Side Story's Mike Faist and The Crown's Josh O'Connor.

Blue Beetle (August 18, 2023)

A new DC Comics hero emerges.

(Video) Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Beyond the Horizon - Teaser Trailer | Jenna Ortega, Johnny Depp Movie

Uden titel Please Don't Destroy-film (August 18, 2023)

The Saturday Night Live comedy trio is heading to the big screen.

The Equalizer 3 (September 1, 2023)

Denzel Washington evens the odds in an action-packed sequel.

The Nun 2 (September 8, 2023)

Horror spinoff from the Conjuring series returns to habit.

A Haunting in Venedig (September 15, 2023)

Kenneth Branagh's third appearance as Agatha Christie's clever detective, Hercule Poirot.

The Expendables 4 (September 22, 2023)

Action heavyweights Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone join Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Megan Fox, Andy García, Tony Jaa, Jacob Scipio and Iko Uwais.

Kraven the Hunter (October 6, 2023)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Kraven the Hunter in Sony's other Spider-Man spinoff, after Venom and Morbius.

True Love (October 6, 2023)

Rogue One director Gareth Edwards directs John David Washington, Gemma Chan and Ken Watanabe in a sci-fi story.

The Exorcist (October 13, 2023)

Fresh from reinventing the Halloween franchise, David Gordon Green reboots another iconic horror film.

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie (13 de outubro de 2023)

No job is too big, no puppy is too small, no fun for parents.

The Underdoggs (October 20, 2023)

Snoop Dogg coaches a youth soccer team. High shenanigans happen, no doubt.

Saw X (20. outubro 2023)

Yes, another.

Klit part 2 (November 3, 2023)

Denis Villeneuve directs Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and a host of other stars in this gritty sci-fi sequel.

New movies coming out in 2022 and beyond (7)

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (17 de novembro de 2023)

Rachel Zegler volunteers for this Hunger Games prequel.

Trolls 3 (November 17, 2023)

Are there three of these things? Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake star.

Wish (November 22, 2023)

Disney celebrates its 100th anniversary with this animated tale of a princess played by Ariana DeBose who wishes on a star.

Wonka (December 15, 2023)

timothythat's itand Chalamet plays the chocolate tycoon in a prequel to classic Roald Dahl stories.

The Color Purple (December 20, 2023)

Alice Walker's powerful novel was already adapted for the big screen by Steven Spielberg in 1985, but this new musical version is based on the 2005 stage production. Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Quincy Jones produce. Fantasia Barrino, Colman Domingo, Taraji P. Henson, Corey Hawkins, Danielle Brooks, H.E.R., Halle Bailey, Ciara and Aunjanue Ellis star.

Untitled Ghostbusters Afterlife sequel (December 20, 2023)

Mckenna Grace, Paul Rudd, Finn Wolfhard and Carrie Coon aren't afraid of any ghosts.

Migration (December 22, 2023)

Animated comedy about a family of ducks on vacation.

Aquaman and the Lost Empire (December 25, 2023)

Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II return for more aquatic action in DC's Aquaman 2.

Dream Magazine (Sundance)

Johnathan Majors plays a troubled bodybuilder.

Missing (Sundance)

Randall Park, known for his comedic performances on Blockbuster and Fresh Off the Boat, directs this story of complex relationships.

Sometimes I think about dying (Sundance)

Daisy Ridley stars as a quiet woman whose life changes when she makes the new guy at work laugh.

Theater Camp (Sundance)

Actress Molly Gordon and music video director Nick Lieberman make their directorial debuts with this offbeat Gordon comedy, starring Patti Harrison and Ayo Edebiri of The Bears.

Katteperson (Sundance)

The New York tale that became a viral sensation is coming to the big screen with Coda's Emilia Jones and Succession's Nicholas Braun.

Cassandro (Sundance)

Gael García Bernal spiller bryderen Saúl Armendáriz, Liberace of Lucha Libre.

Judy Blume para sempre (Sundance)

Documentary about the beloved novelist whose honest books for young readers also faced banning requests.

Jamojaya (Sundance)

Pachinko director Justin Chon tells the story of a rapper who fires his manager (who also happens to be his father).

(Video) Top 10 Most Anticipated Star Wars Releases of 2022 and Beyond

Landscape with an Invisible Hand (Sundance)

Thoroughbreds and Bad Education director Corey Finley returns with the story of aliens taking over Earth's economy.

Murder at the Big Horn (Sundance)

Powerful documentary about the death of a group of Native American women in rural Montana.

Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields (Sundance)

Emmy Award-winning documentarian Lana Wilson explores the life of Brooke Shields, a model and actress who was objectified at a young age.

The Pod Generation (Sundance)

Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor play a couple who share a pregnancy thanks to a high-tech removable uterine capsule.

Still: A Film by Michael J. Fox (Sundance)

The life of Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox and his experience with Parkinson's are explored by An Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim.

You Hurt My Feelings (Sundance)

Nicole Holofcener directs Julia Louis Dreyfus as a novelist listening to her husband give his honest reaction to his latest book.

Young. Wild. For free. (Sundance)

Award-winning writer/director Thembi Banks directs the story of a high school senior whose world is turned upside down when he is robbed at gunpoint by the girl of his dreams.

Aliens kidnapped my parents and now I feel a little left out (Sundance)

New to town, Itsy writes a tip about her space-obsessed neighbor, Calvin, who believes his parents were abducted by aliens.

The Incredible Maurice (Sundance)

Animation based on the novel by Terry Pratchett.

Birth/Rebirth (Sundance)

A single mother and a funeral home technician bond over a little girl (whom they've raised from the dead).

Infinity pool (Sundance)

More surreal horror from Brandon Cronenberg starring Alexander Skarsgård and Mia Goth.

King Coal (Sundance)

Exploring the dreams and myths of coal mining in Appalachia, from Academy Award-nominated, Peabody and Emmy-winner documentary filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon.

Kokomo City (Sundance)

Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer D. Smith directs the story of four black transgender sex workers as they explore their relationship with the black community.

My Animal (Sundance)

A jilted teenage goalkeeper falls in love with a seductive but tormented figure skater. Amandla Stenberg stars.

Run the Rabbit Race (Sundance)

Handmaid's Tale director Daina Reid directs Sarah Snook as a fertility doctor struggling with her own little girl's strange behavior.

Polite Society (Sundance)

Aspiring martial artist Ria plans a wedding robbery to save her older sister from an impending wedding.

Onyx, the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls (Sundance)

Comedian Andrew Bowser sends his character Onyx the Fortuitous to face demons.

Squaring the Circle: The Story of Hypgnosis (Sundance)

Photographer and director Anton Corbijn focuses on the studio that created covers for iconic albums like Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon and Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy.

Talk to Me (Sundance)

Horror from YouTube filmmakers and twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou (aka RackaRacka).

The Accidental Getaway Driver (Sundance)

Based on a true story about an elderly Vietnamese taxi driver taken hostage by three escaped Orange County prisoners.

Fancy Dance (Sundance)

A Native American drug dealer kidnaps his niece from the child's white grandparents and heads to the state powwow.

Mutt (Sundance)

During a single busy day in New York City, Feña meets three people from her past for the first time since transitioning from female to male.

2024 onwards

Madame Web (February 16, 2024)

Madame Web is a clairvoyant whose psychic abilities allow her to "see the world of spiders". We have no idea what that means, but like Venom and Morbius, it's another Spider-Man spinoff from Sony without Spider-Man. Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney star.

Captain America: New World Order (May 3, 2024)

Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson takes the shield in this new chapter for a new cap.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (May 24, 2024)

More monkey stores in the monkey-based franchise.

Thunderbolts (July 26, 2024)

Marvel's anti-heroes assemble, including Florence Pugh's Black Widow.

Blade (September 6, 2024)

Mahershala Ali stars as Marvel's fearless vampire slayer.

Deadpool 3 (November 8, 2024)

Ryan Reynolds' mercenary with a mouth returns as Deadpool joins the MCU, with Hugh Jackman returning as X-Men star Wolverine.

Avatar sequel (2024)

Fantastic Four (February 14, 2025)

Marvel's first family makes its MCU debut.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (May 2, 2025)

Movies Star Wars (2025)

Avengers: Secret Wars (May 1, 2026)

Avatar Sequel (2026)

Movies Star Wars (2027)

Avatar sequel (2028)


What is the #1 movie 2022? ›

Top Gun: Maverick

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2022 Worldwide Box Office
RankRelease GroupWorldwide
1Avatar: The Way of Water$2,320,248,754
2Top Gun: Maverick$1,493,491,858
3Jurassic World: Dominion$1,001,978,080
4Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness$955,775,804
64 more rows

What are the top 10 movies right now? ›

  • Don't Look Up (2021) R | 138 min | Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi. ...
  • The Lost Daughter (2021) R | 121 min | Drama. ...
  • The 355 (2022) ...
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) ...
  • The Matrix Resurrections (I) (2021) ...
  • The Power of the Dog (2021) ...
  • The Tender Bar (2021) ...
  • The King's Man (2021)

Which movies are going to release? ›

Upcoming Movies
  • The Little Mermaid. Adventure/Family/Fantasy. The Little Mermaid.
  • Mem Famous. Comedy/Drama/Romantic. Mem Famous.
  • Malli Pelli. Drama/Romantic. Malli Pelli.
  • #Mentoo. #Mentoo.

What are the top 20 movies right now? ›

30 Most Popular Movies Right Now: What to Watch In Theaters and Streaming
  • #1. Fast X (2023) 55% ...
  • #2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023) ...
  • #3. Sisu (2022) 95% ...
  • #4. The Mother (2023) 42% ...
  • #5. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) ...
  • #6. Air (2023) 92% ...
  • #7. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) 91% ...
  • #8. White Men Can't Jump (2023)

What is the #1 movie right now 2023? ›

Domestic Box Office For 2023
1The Super Mario Bros. Movie-
2Avatar: The Way of Water-
3Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3-
4Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania-
38 more rows

What is the most viewed movie in the world? ›

Millions of movies can proudly dominate the industry as of now. Among them, the most-watched movie of all time has to be Titanic which needs no introduction. It is a historical film that is based on a real-life incident signifying the sinking of a big-sized ship.

What movies are being remade in 2023? ›

Remake Movies Released and Planned for Release in 2023
Release DateMovieGenre
April 23Spirited Away: Live on StageAdventure
May 5Love AgainRomantic Comedy
May 19White Men Can't JumpComedy
August 3Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant …Adventure
37 more rows

What movies made a billion dollars in 2022? ›

Movies that generated over one billion U.S. dollars worldwide in 2022
CharacteristicGross revenue in billion U.S. dollars
Top Gun: Maverick1.49
Avatar: The Way of Water1.4
Jurassic World: Dominion1
Feb 16, 2023

What's the number one movie of the year? ›

Movie Index
YearAnnual StatsNo. 1 Movie
2022Annual StatsAvatar: The Way of Water
2021Annual StatsSpider-Man: No Way Home
2020Annual StatsKimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-Hen
2019Annual StatsAvengers: Endgame
75 more rows

Has any movie been released in 2022? ›

This is a list of American films released in 2022.
Box office.
TitleTop Gun: Maverick
Domestic gross$718,732,821
9 more columns

What's hot at the movies right now? ›

Movies Playing Today
  • Godday Godday Chaa. UA. Punjabi. Godday Godday Chaa.
  • The Kerala Story. A. Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu. The Kerala Story.
  • Jodi (Punjabi) U. Punjabi. Jodi (Punjabi)
  • The Little Mermaid. U. English, Hindi. The Little Mermaid.

What is the number 1 movie on Netflix? ›

The Mother

What is the #1 best movie? ›

1. Citizen Kane (1941)

Which movie release in may 2023? ›

16 new Hindi movies and other titles releasing in May 2023 - Fast X, Ugram, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 & others | GQ India.

What movies are releasing this week? ›

Movies Coming Out This Week
  • Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai (Series) ...
  • John Wick: Chapter 4 R. ...
  • Victim/Suspect. ...
  • Platonic (series) ...
  • The Clearing (series) ...
  • About My Father PG-13. ...
  • Kandahar R. ...
  • The Little Mermaid PG.

Which movie release in january 2023? ›

Here are a few of the latest releases in January 2023:
  • Pathaan. Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham starring film is slated for its theatrical release on January 25, 2023. ...
  • Adipurush. ...
  • Kuttey. ...
  • Lakadbaggha. ...
  • Mission Majnu.
Jan 25, 2023

Is there anything good on Netflix? ›

Popular on NetflixExplore more
  • Breaking Bad.
  • Stranger Things.
  • Better Call Saul.
  • La Reina del Sur.
  • Wednesday.
  • The Walking Dead.
  • The Night Agent.
  • The Last Kingdom.

Who is the world best movie? ›

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

What new movies are playing on Hulu? ›

The 55 Best Movies on Hulu Right Now (May 2023)
  • Rye Lane (2023)
  • Triangle of Sadness (2022)
  • Bruiser (2023)
  • Fire of Love (2022)
  • Riotsville, U.S.A. (2022)
  • Stars at Noon (2022)
  • Crimes of the Future (2022)
  • On the Count of Three (2021)
6 days ago

What movie comes out july 21st 2023? ›

Oppenheimer is scheduled to be released in the United Kingdom and United States on July 21, 2023, by Universal Pictures.

What movie will come out in 2029? ›

The Numbers - Movies Planned for Release in 2029
MovieGenreRelease Type
Knives Out 3DramaVideo
The Last Will and Testament of Charle…Thriller/SuspenseVideo
Mother of the BrideRomantic ComedyVideo
Our Man From JerseyVideo
27 more rows

What is movies of 2028? ›

Feature Film, Released between 2028-01-01 and 2028-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  • Avatar 5 (2028) Action, Adventure, Drama | Filming. Sequel of Avatar 4 (2026) and last movie of the "Avatar" saga. The plot is unknown. ...
  • Agent Owen (2028) Animation, Action, Comedy | Announced. Add a Plot.

What is the longest movie ever? ›

Guinness World Records says the longest film ever made is "The Cure for Insomnia" released in 1987. The 85-hour experimental film was directed by John Henry Timmis IV. It was played in its entirety Jan.

What film won the most Oscars? ›

Three films have won 11 Academy Awards:
  • Ben-Hur (1959): nominated in 12 of the 15 possible categories.
  • Titanic (1997): nominated in 14 of the 17 possible categories.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003): nominated in 11 of the 17 possible categories.

What movie made the most profit? ›

Some of the most profitable movies of all time include films such as "Avatar,” which had a production budget of approximately $237 million and grossed over $2.9 billion at the box office, making it the highest-grossing movie of all time, and"Titanic” which had a production budget of $200 million and grossed over $2.2 ...

What movies are coming out 2023 and 2024? ›

Upcoming Films
  • 2023 Movies. The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Watch at Home. Renfield. Watch at Home. ...
  • 2024 Movies. Night Swim. In Theaters January 5, 2024. The Fall Guy. In Theaters March 1, 2024. Kung Fu Panda 4. ...
  • 2025 Movies. M3GAN 2.0. In Theaters January 17, 2025. Untitled How to Train Your Dragon Film. In Theaters March 14, 2025.

What turns 30 in 2023? ›

The 10 Best Movies Turning 30 in 2023
  • 3 Sleepless in Seattle.
  • 4 Cool Runnings. ...
  • 5 Free Willy. ...
  • 6 Tombstone. ...
  • 7 Groundhog Day. ...
  • 8 Dazed and Confused. ...
  • 9 The Sandlot. Image via 20th Century Fox. ...
  • 10 Mrs. Doubtfire. ...
Apr 9, 2023

What movies have broken $1 billion dollars? ›

"Transformers," "The Dark Knight," and "Pirates of the Caribbean" are three franchises which each have two movies in the billion dollar club — and you can add "The Avengers" to that list.

What was the fastest movie to cross $1 billion? ›

Fastest to $1 billion

Titanic became the first movie to gross over $1 billion worldwide on March 1, 1998, in 74 days of release. The list below is restricted to the 10 movies that reached the milestone the fastest.

Has any movie ever grossed $2 billion dollars? ›

"Titanic" (1997)

The James Cameron-directed film was the first movie to cross $1 billion worldwide. At the time, it was the most expensive movie made. The film finally crossed $2 billion during its rerelease in 3D in 2012.

What is the longest running #1 movie? ›

List of films with the most weekends at number one
RankFilmWeekends at number one
1E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial16
3Beverly Hills Cop14
78 more rows

Which actor has the most successful movies? ›

Lead roles
RankActorWorldwide total
1Scarlett Johansson$14,519,686,740
2Robert Downey Jr.$14,393,065,910
3Samuel L. Jackson$14,376,505,937
4Zoe Saldaña$13,399,627,718
6 more rows

What movie is left behind 2022? ›

Release. Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist was scheduled to be release in October 2022, but was pushed back. It was released from January 26 to January 29, 2023 in partnership with Fathom Events. The film was distributed worldwide by 101 Films International.

What comes out in June 2022? ›

Domestic Box Office For June 2022
RankReleaseRelease Date
1Top Gun: MaverickMay 27
2Jurassic World: DominionJun 10
3LightyearJun 17
4ElvisJun 24
39 more rows

What is the new 2022 after movie? ›

The plot continues the premise of the three previous films. After Ever Happy had its world premiere in London on August 10, 2022, and was released theatrically on September 7, 2022. As with its predecessors, the film received negative reviews from critics.

Which movie release in April 2023? ›

Here you will get the complete list of Bollywood movies released in the month of April,2023. Check out the list. The list includes movies like Bad Boy, U-Turn, Thugs, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan etc.

What is the new after movie 2022 cinema? ›

Fans of the After franchise will be returning to the theater this fall with the newest installment in the romantic saga. Back in August 2022, leading man Hero Fiennes Tiffin told us a new movie was on the horizon — and now we finally have a trailer, release date, and details about it.

What movie is coming out on December 16 2022? ›

The epic science fiction film 'Avatar: The Way of Water' will drop in the theatres on December 16, 2022.


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