No peaceful multipolar world in the foreseeable future: it is dangerous to underestimate the power of the USA (2023)

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No peaceful multipolar world in the foreseeable future: it is dangerous to underestimate the power of the USA (1)

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"If you ignore both your enemy and yourself, you are certainly in danger."sol tzu

(Video) Joseph Nye on global power shifts

“But it turns out that there really is no military threat from the United States. [the US] and NATO have not only run out of normal military weapons, the US can no longer wage a real ground war. There will never be another Vietnam. There will never be the United States invading another country or Europe invading another country because there will never be a population willing to be recruited [since] the anti-war movement. And without that, the United States has only one military leader against other countries: the hydrogen bomb. There is nothing between a targeted assassination and a nuclear bomb."Michael Hudson andRadhikaDesai

Both [Russia and China] are strong, and Russia is more technologically advanced than China in its advanced development of offensive and defensive missiles and can beat the US in a nuclear war because Russian airspace is sealed off by multi-layered defenses like the S-400. down to the S-500 already tested and the S-600 in development... Beijing's strategic priority was to carefully develop a remarkably diverse group of energy suppliers. If China has so far proved masterful in the way it has played its cards in its Pipelineistan "war," the US hand (bypassing Russia, sidestepping China, isolating Iran) will soon be for what it is can be called is: a bluff.Pepe Escobar

Written byJuan Stanton

Come on, Russia "can beat the United States in a nuclear war." For real? Even President Valdimir Putin condemned the use of nuclear weapons. According to Reuters "Putin said ... that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and that such a war must never begin."To see how a nuclear war between the two nation-states could play out, visit Princeton University's Science and Global Security website. There you will find a disturbing computer simulation called PLAN A that "the consequences of a nuclear war under different assumptions. Attack scenarios are constrained by the size and capabilities of existing arsenals and weapon systems, including the range of delivery vehicles, the footprint of multiple independent re-entry vehicles (MIRVs) carrying nuclear weapons on ballistic missiles, and the ability to kill hard targets. The simulation tool includes an atmospheric transport model to assess the fallout for each attack scenario.

The Nord Stream pipelines were destroyed. My guess is that it was the US Navy DEVGRU types and a Virginia class sub that took them. Right down your alley. I don't think that was a bluff.

(Video) How Western Failures Are Fueling China’s Rise

There is no anti-war movement in the United States that has any influence on United States military or political activity. But there are soldiers who are bored, drugged and longing for war."That's what happens when there's no war, no leadership, and an 18-month red cycle with no mission," said a Special Forces soldier. “So the boys fuck… and the craziest drugs. All of those lives are ruined because people are just bored." Connecting Veterans

This young soldier may not have to wait long to cure his boredom on the battlefield by killing the "Other" in Ukraine.

Cracks in the BRICS

multipolarity? Belt and Road Initiative? Forget it now or for the foreseeable future. For these notions to be born, there must be a global war to oust the United States.

The BRICS? Consider that Brazil has serious internal problems: poverty is the main problem. In addition, a coup is looming, so it could be difficult for the new president (Lula) to hold on. What about China? I doubt it as China fears a confrontation with the US as it is a big holder of US Treasuries. If war came, they would never get their wages. Also, China hasn't fought any major wars recently and therefore its military hasn't been tested. The United States is already crushing its semiconductor chip market with economic wars.

India? They have a longstanding territorial rivalry with China and are wary of Chinese espionage and hate speech on their borders. India's poverty level is off the charts compared to Brazil's. It may be the world's largest democracy, but its society still has a caste system and tensions between religious sects (Hindi, Islam) are a real problem. And let's not forget cashmere. According to Wikipedia "Today the term covers a larger area that includes the Indian-administered areas of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, the Pakistan-administered areas of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, and the Chinese-administered areas of Aksai Chin and the Trans-Karakorum Tract. .”

(Video) The Return of Great Power Politics: America in the 21st Century

And Russia? Well, you are already fighting US weapons systems, operational contractors, ISR aircraft, CIA agents and US defense contractors/mercenaries. If the US establishes a no-fly zone over western and then eastern Ukraine, it's only a few steps or mistakes before full-scale US-Russian ground combat ensues. There are already reports that the United States is considering arming Ukraine with long-range missiles capable of reaching Crimea. Russia stands alone against the West, a West that doesn't understand that Russians see the war as an existential crisis. Your way of life is threatened. And the satanic hatred that Americans and Europeans have for Russia is overwhelming, but it is being generated by Western governments and their hatred is being broadcast by the MSM, an MSM owned by wealthy corporations that are practically telling their people how they think target .

Are the US armed forces just sitting next to it?

Thus, according to critics, the US government/military is a ghost of itself and unprepared for industrial war and/or an adversary. Let's check this assumption. We will continue with the US Congressional Research Service (CRS) Renewed Great Power Competition: Implications for Defense: Problems for Congress.

The US defense strategy is currently aimed at preventing "the rise of regional hegemonic powers in Eurasia". This strategy is based on assessments by US policymakers (dating back to the Obama administration) that Eurasia is not "self-regulating" in the sense that Eurasian countries cannot be trusted to use their armed forces to stop a country that wants to dominate. the region. This is seen as a threat to US politicians. For example; If China wanted to control Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan by force, who would band together to stop them? Would the Shanghai Cooperation Organization get in the way? No, the United States would.

The US Department of Defense force structure is thus based on a “political decision” made in Washington to prevent, through threats or action, an attempt by China or Russia to invade other nations in Eurasia or the Pacific (think Taiwan). . . That means it has the ability to deploy military assets far from the US mainland (and from forward bases, e.g. Qatar, Bahrain). The pack includes long-range bombers like the B-2 and B-52; a naval combat group including, for example, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, Virginia-class submarines; Aegis warships; Air (C-10) and sea (naval amphibious assault ships) troop transport, ISR capabilities (RC-135V, satellites and drones).

Battle against the Russians in the American desert

In recent years, the United States has emphasized planning focused on high-level conventional warfare, according to the CRS. "Many Department of Defense acquisitions, exercises and warfare experiments have been initiated, accelerated, expanded in scope, given higher priority or warranted to continue as a result of the renewed high-level emphasis on US warfare." For example, a warfare experiment is taking place at the US Army's Fort Irwin in the Mojave Desert. A model of an urban city that you might find in Ukraine was built, along with open land surrounding the city. The Red Team uses Russian tactics to try to defeat the US Blue Team using their combined armed tactics (drones and electronic warfare are a key part of the exercise).

(Video) How Russia-Ukraine War Is Expediting Multipolarity & Why US Is Wary Of China l George Yeo Explains

A peaceful multipolar world? I do not think so.

Russia cannot do it alone.

Russia is as ready as possible for American boots on the ground in Ukraine. It will stand alone while its "friends" watch. And the United States knows, for the first time in decades, that to get to the fight it must fight. Hard times are ahead.

It will be a violent way to get to a multipolar world where nations do not act recklessly for their own interests. I wish I could live to see how it all ends. Aren't we all?

Search and Read Please dig deeper

How the US Military is Shaping the Environment for Ukraine and a Wider War: Military Intelligence Support Operations, MISO, joint publication 3-13.2

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The United States has astronomical power. Study them here: Unconventional Warfare by Army Special Operations Forces. FM 3-05.130

John Stanton can be reached atcapitá


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